BRANDED AS TROUBLE by Delores Fossen: Review

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BRANDED AS TROUBLE by Delores Fossen: ReviewBranded as Trouble by Delores Fossen
Series: Wrangler's Creek #3
Published by Harlequin Books
Publication Date: June 27th 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 384
Source: Publisher
Format: eARC
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Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely mine.

Every town needs a bad boy, and Wrangler’s Creek’s has been gone far too long

Getting his high school girlfriend pregnant was just one square in Roman Granger’s checkered past, but it changed him forever. When his son’s mother skipped town after the birth, Roman decided to do the same, baby Tate in tow, hoping for a fresh start.

Now Roman fears his teenage son is following in his wayward footsteps, so he returns home to Wrangler’s Creek, aiming to set him straight. It’s there he encounters Tate’s aunt, Mila Banchini, the good-girl opposite of Roman who’s had a crush on him since childhood. The old spark between them undeniably never died, though Roman worries it’ll only lead to heartache. But if falling for Mila is such a bad idea, why does everything about holding her feel so right? 



Every book by Delores Fossen I read only reinforces my belief that she has mastered the ability to write the craziest, wackiest and funniest small town stories that capture the good, the bad and the ugly; stuff that will make you cringe, roll your eyes and laugh out loud; and BRANDED AS TROUBLE is no different. If you need a book to make you laugh or need a lighthearted and entertaining pick-me-up, this book and this author’s work is sure to do the job.

Roman Granger has stayed as far away from Wrangler’s Creek as he possibly could since he left, but the needs of his teenage son outweigh any of the issues that drove him away and he’ll take on his demons to give his son whatever he needs, but coming back also means he has to deal with his past so he can focus on his son’s well-being.

One person who has always been there for Roman and his son Tate is Tate’s aunt, Mila Banchini. Mila has always had feelings for Roman but she’s also made her peace with the fact that those feelings will never be reciprocated. Until Roman returns and both he and his son need her, bringing her into close contact with them and reviving the hope that maybe this time, things could be different.

And there’s also the 800 pound elephant in the room that Mila needs help with and who better to help than the only man she’s ever wanted? Especially when it’s such a well-known secret and every man within a five mile radius is lining up to help. But Roman has a firm rule that he’s not willing to break even for Mila, not to mention his determination to avoid emotional entanglements as well as Mila’s family ties to his ex could complicate things even further. Not to mention the nosy townspeople and Mila’s own mother, who could charitably be described as a kook.

To be honest, this story was heading towards over the top territory for me, with both Roman and Mila’s mothers bringing more drama in their wake than an acting troupe, but I’m always down for a good laugh. There is definitely a large cast of characters, fun and not-so fun to contend with in this story and I would recommend reading the previous books before this one, to get a good grasp of who’s who.

I enjoyed Mila a lot, especially because she was pragmatic and resourceful. Roman was also an enjoyable character who endeared himself to me with his determination to be everything his father was not. 

Overall, this was a really great read and if you don’t mind a lot of family drama in your stories, this is definitely one book and series I’ll recommend reading.


About Delores Fossen

When Delores Fossen was a child, she used to sneak around and collect fingerprints, hair strands and fibers left by family members and guests. At age eight, she solved a crime. Well, sort of. When someone nibbled off the ear of her chocolate Easter bunny , she searched for clues and soon discovered that her sister had chocolate bunny breath. With that "case closed," Delores believed she’d discovered her calling--she wanted to be a Texas Ranger or FBI agent. But after realizing that she just wouldn't be very good at chasing down bad guys, she opted for a slightly different career path--she creates fictional cowboy cops and other law enforcement officers. Writing romantic suspense is something she enjoys immensely, and it has earned her the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice and Booksellers Best Awards, and she was a finalist for the prestigious Rita.

Married to an Air Force colonel and the mother of four children, Delores has lived in England and all over the U.S. She’s had a variety of careers and jobs: an Air Force captain, a special ed teacher and a rehab counselor. None was as fun or challenging as the time she’s spent as a stay-at-home mom. She still collects fingerprints, hair strands and fibers every time she dusts or vacuums, which isn’t very often.


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