FORBIDDEN PROMISES by Katee Robert: Review

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FORBIDDEN PROMISES by Katee Robert: ReviewForbidden Promises by Katee Robert
Series: The O'Malleys #4
Published by Forever
Publication Date: May 30th 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 336
Source: Publisher
Format: eARC
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Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely mine.

Some lines should never be crossed . . . not even for love.
Sloan O’Malley just left her entire world behind-her family, her wealth, and even her real name. For the first time in her life, she’s free. She can live the “normal” life she’s always wanted. A life without fear. But there’s nothing safe about her intensely sexy next-door neighbor.
Jude MacNamara has no room for innocence in his life. Only revenge. Still, he’s never been able to walk away from the forbidden, and Sloan–who is every inch of pure, mouthwatering temptation–has forbidden written all over her. Only after it’s way too late does he discover the real danger: claiming Sloan as his puts a target on her back. To protect her, Jude is willing risk everything . . . and to hell with the consequences.


This series is intense, passionate, addictive and filled with so many twists and turns, you’ll need a map and a guidebook to navigate it but you’ll love every minute of the journey!  Katee Robert has created an incredible world filled with drama, passion and suspense that you won’t want to leave and FORBIDDEN PROMISES is definitely worth reading.
From all the previous books in this series, Sloan O’Malley was the mousy sibling, pretty much scared of her own shadow and to be honest, my impression of her was that she might need psychiatric help at some point, so color me surprised to see her make a bid for freedom at the end of the preceding book, and successfully too, I might add. But she can’t seem to outrun the Boston underworld because she about to get ensnared in a revenge plot that will draw her back into her family’s orbit, courtesy of her next door neighbor, who is not exactly who he claims to be.
Every choice Jude MacNamara had made in his life was made with one end goal: taking revenge on the man who cost him his entire family and if it means taking out his enemy’s own family, well, an eye for an eye and all that. But his carefully laid plans are about to be torpedoed by the one person he never expected or planned for and he’ll have to make a choice between happiness and revenge.
It’s fun watching a strong woman wield her power, as Callie and Carrigan did, but it’s also so much fun to see a timid woman grow into her power with the support of the right man and I loved that Sloan and Jude were that couple. They had really great chemistry and very little drama between them, but they also knew the world they came from as well as its limitations and didn’t pretend to be anything different. Sloan found her confidence once she put some distance between herself and her family, but she really grew into herself with the help of Jude.
For Jude, relationships, family and a future had no place in his life but once Sloan came into it, he had to decide if he could give up his quest for vengeance for the happiness she could bring into his life. His career choice also means that he has made a lot of enemies who would not hesitate to use Sloan against him, but the future he can have with Sloan is worth more to him, so walking away from all of it may not be such a loss after all.
I enjoyed Jude and Sloan a lot but Carrigan has a special place in my heart and I loved that she and James made an appearance in this book and that she made her peace with Sloan. 
This is one series I wish did not have so much time between installments because of how engrossing the stories are and also because a refresher is needed before starting every addition. At the heart of it are the three Boston crime families jousting for turf and trying to fend off the encroaching Russian mob from New York and the Feds, but with the families getting all tangled up in marriage and relationships, who’s going to be the first to tell them that working together could be better for them?
Besides, with Dmitri Romanov unable to stay away from Keira O’Malley, what does the future hold? And who really is Aiden O’Malley? What does the O’Malley patriarch have to say about what’s going on? So many questions that I can’t wait to find answers to and if the hints dropped in this book are any indication, the next two books to come are going to be explosive and I cannot wait!

About Katee Robert

Katee Robert learned to tell stories at her grandpa’s knee. Her favorites then were the rather epic adventures of The Three Bears, but at age twelve she discovered romance novels and never looked back.

Though she dabbled in writing, life got in the way—as it often does—and she spent a few years traveling, living in both Philadelphia and Germany. In between traveling and raising her two wee ones, she had the crazy idea that she’d like to write a book and try to get published.

Her first novel was an epic fantasy that, God willing, will never see the light of day. From there, she dabbled in YA and horror, before finally finding speculative romance. Because, really, who wouldn’t want to write entire books about the smoking-hot relationships between two people?

She now spends her time—when not lost in Far Reach worlds—playing imaginary games with her wee ones, writing, ogling men, and planning for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

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