A MATCH MADE IN TEXAS by Margaret Brownley: Excerpt & Giveaway

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Welcome to Two-Time Texas:

Where tempers burn hot

Love runs deep

And a single woman can change the course of history:

There’s a new sheriff in town.

 Amanda Lockwood gets more than she bargained for when she’s elected Two-Time Texas’s first female sheriff. Anxious to prove herself, she sets out to stop crime in its tracks—taking down wanted man Rick Barrett in the process. But there’s something special about the charming outlaw. Common sense says he must be guilty…but her heart keeps telling her otherwise.

So what’s a sheriff to do? Gather an all-female posse and ride to save the day.

Things sure don’t look good for Rick. If he doesn’t convince the pretty sheriff to let him go, he’ll soon be pushing up daisies. But his plan to woo her to his side backfires when he’s the one who falls head over heels. Now he must choose between freedom or saving the woman he loves…and the clock is ticking.

 Who knew A Match Made in Texas could be such sweet, clean, madcap fun?


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Fun fact about the book

The Lockwood sisters were inspired by the March sisters from Margaret’s favorite childhood book, Little Women.


Could she trust him? Dare she trust him?

The man—a stranger—looked like one tough hombre. Perched upon the seat of a weather-beaten wagon, he sat tall, lean and decisively strong, his sunbaked hands the color of tanned leather. The only feature visible beneath his wide-brimmed hat and shaggy beard was a well-defined nose. The beard along with his shoulder-length hair suggested he had no regard for barbers. From the looks of him, he wasn’t all that fond of bathhouses either.

 “Need a ride?” the stranger asked, looking down at her with open curiosity.

She hesitated. It wasn’t as if she had a lot of choices. If she didn’t accept his offer, she might have to spend the rest of the day and maybe even the night alone in the Texas wilderness with the rattlers, cactus and God knows what else.

“Where you headin’?” he asked.

This time she answered. “Two-Time.”

“Same here,” he said with a gruff nod, as if that alone was reason to trust him.

His destination should have offered no surprise. Two-Time was the only town within twenty miles. Still… “Why there?” she asked.

Her hometown had grown in leaps and bounds since the arrival of the train, but still lagged behind San Antonio and Austin in commerce and population. Most people, if they ended up in Two-Time at all, did so by mistake.

He shrugged his wide shoulders. “Good a place as any.”

Moistening her parched lips, she shaded her eyes from the blazing sun as she gazed up at him. No sense beating around the bush. “You don’t have a nefarious intent, do you? To do me harm, I mean?” A woman alone couldn’t be too careful.

The question seemed to surprise him. At least it made him push back his hat, revealing steel blue eyes that seemed to pierce right through her. What a strange sight she must look. Stuck in the middle of nowhere dressed to the nines in a stylish blue walking suit.

“Are you’re askin’ if your virtue is safe with me?”

She blushed, but refused to back down. The man didn’t mince words and neither would she. “Well, is it?”

“Safe as you want it to be,” he said finally. His lazy drawl didn’t seem to go with the sharp-eyed regard, which returned again and again to her peacock feathered hat, rising three stories and a basement high above her brow.

It wasn’t exactly the answer she’d hoped for, but he sounded sincere and that gave her a small measure of comfort. Still, she cast a wary eye on his holstered weapon. The Indian Wars had ended, but the possibility of renegades was real. The area also teemed with outlaws. In that sense, it wouldn’t hurt to have an armed man by her side. Even one as surly as this one.


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About Margaret Brownley

MARGARET BROWNLEY penned her first novel at age eleven and has been writing ever since. She’s now a New York Times and CBA bestselling author and has written thirty-five novels and one nonfiction book. Margaret and her husband have three grown children and make their home in Southern California.

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