NO GETTING OVER A COWBOY by Delores Fossen: Review

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NO GETTING OVER A COWBOY by Delores Fossen: ReviewNo Getting Over a Cowboy by Delores Fossen
Series: Wrangler's Creek #2
Published by Harlequin Books
Publication Date: March 28th 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 384
Source: Publisher
Format: eARC
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Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely mine.

The golden cowboy of Wrangler’s Creek returns home to Texas to discover some old flames never fizzle…

There are plenty of things Garrett Granger hadn’t counted on losing—his child to miscarriage, his wife to another man and the family business thanks to a crooked CFO. He also hadn’t counted on moving back to the family ranch, where he’s met by another surprise—former flame Nicky Marlow, who is renting his grandmother’s old house.

Nicky’s been rebuilding her shattered life since her husband’s death two years ago. But Garrett’s timely arrival in Wrangler’s Creek doesn’t automatically make him the missing piece of the puzzle. Even if he does seem to adore her two-year-old daughter… Even if seeing him again stirs up old feelings Nicky would gladly keep buried, forcing her to wonder if moving forward has to mean leaving everything behind…



The defining word for this book is: chaos, but of the entertaining variety. Just like the first book in the series, this one starts out with drama from the very first page and there is no slowing down all the way to the end. If you enjoy that much crazy in your books, and by crazy I mean scheming ex-wives, police investigations, meddling family members, a nympho widow, etc., then read on. Personally, I just threw up my hands and hung on for the bumpy and enjoyable ride. 

After the eventful past year where Garrett Granger, along with a sizable number of the population was treated to a video of his wife with her lover, the resulting media fallout and end of his marriage, all he wants is some peace and quiet to expand the ranch and deal with his feelings. He’s not about to get his wish any time soon, between the random women popping in to offer him comfort of a sexual nature and the group of women who just set up on the ranch as a support group for widows, led by none other than his ex-girlfriend.

Nicky Marlow is trying to rebuild her life and the one place she hopes will help her and her fellow widows is the one place she always sought refuge in on the Granger ranch and she’s not going down without a fight, especially as she has given up everything for this new start and she has the other women counting on her to make this work.

Well, day 1 isn’t so wonderful for everyone with the discovery of a body on the ranch and the need to re-settle the women in the main ranch house, leaving poor Garrett to hide out in the guest house, but he can’t hide from Nicky and her daughter, especially when it’s clear that his mother is trying her hand at matchmaking between them and her little girl is a constant reminder of his own loss.

 Nicky has her own secrets that she wants to keep that way, but coming back to Wrangler’s Creek is testing her resolve in a big way and reviving her feelings for Garrett which she thought she had gotten over. The only chance she and Garrett have depends on both of them coming clean about their secrets, but it’s a daunting task to undertake. With everyone rooting for them and interfering to help things along, there is only one end for them: happy ever after, but getting there is going to be an eventful ride.

These characters were over the top and mostly hilarious and I really enjoyed this book. With a story set in a small town, I was expecting any and everything and I wasn’t disappointed. This is definitely one book to read if you enjoy small towns and their drama. I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of the series!


About Delores Fossen

When Delores Fossen was a child, she used to sneak around and collect fingerprints, hair strands and fibers left by family members and guests. At age eight, she solved a crime. Well, sort of. When someone nibbled off the ear of her chocolate Easter bunny , she searched for clues and soon discovered that her sister had chocolate bunny breath. With that "case closed," Delores believed she’d discovered her calling--she wanted to be a Texas Ranger or FBI agent. But after realizing that she just wouldn't be very good at chasing down bad guys, she opted for a slightly different career path--she creates fictional cowboy cops and other law enforcement officers. Writing romantic suspense is something she enjoys immensely, and it has earned her the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice and Booksellers Best Awards, and she was a finalist for the prestigious Rita.

Married to an Air Force colonel and the mother of four children, Delores has lived in England and all over the U.S. She’s had a variety of careers and jobs: an Air Force captain, a special ed teacher and a rehab counselor. None was as fun or challenging as the time she’s spent as a stay-at-home mom. She still collects fingerprints, hair strands and fibers every time she dusts or vacuums, which isn’t very often.

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