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FAKE ENGAGEMENT REAL TEMPTATION by Joya Ryan: ReviewFake Engagement Real Temptation by Joya Ryan
Published by Entangled: Brazen
Publication Date: January 30th 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 204
Source: Publisher
Format: eARC
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Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely mine.

Oh. My. God. Carrie Morgan can’t escape her cheating ex fiancé. She goes on her Hawaiian honeymoon fantasy vacation to prove she’s over him—but he’s there with his mistress in tow. Good thing Carrie’s annoyingly over-protective friend Blake came with her. How’s she going to prove to her ex she’s over him? Easy. One… Two… Three… She grabs Blake and kisses him.

Blake Harris isn’t about to let anyone take advantage of his heartbroken friend Carrie. And that includes himself, even if she’s sexy as sin in that bikini. Then she kisses him—and he’s on fire. Damage done, but he can back off. Except he sees that broken look in Carrie’s eyes. No. Hell no. New plan. He intends to show her ex just what he’s thrown away.

The kisses? For show. The heat? Part of the performance. The private practice sessions? Uh-oh. Those are starting to feel a bit too real…



The synopsis for this book was so very tempting. Fake relationship with your best friend’s younger sister? Jilted bride? Fake Honeymoon? All things I enjoy in my romance, but all together at once? Too good to resist.

Carrie Morgan thought she had her full dream in sight – marry the ideal man who shared her interests and dreams, have the 2.5 kids and her own business. Unfortunately, her fiance dumped her two days before the wedding for his trainer, but Carrie is going to at least enjoy her fantasy Hawaiian honeymoon after saving so long and planning so hard for it. Two things that are not a part of her plans: her brother’s best friend following her on her vacation to keep and eye on her and her ex-fiance showing up with his mistress in tow. But she gets both.

Blake Harris is determined to keep Carrie safe from herself and predatory men trolling for single women, but when her ex shows up with his sidepiece in tow, pretending to be a couple seems like the best way to get back at him. Except the chemistry between them is very real and soon the lines between reality and fiction are blurring.

This was a very entertaining and fun story and had me laughing out loud several times. To be honest, I expected a lot more heat from Ms. Ryan but this had just the right amount of steam and sweetness for the subject matter. I enjoyed both Carrie’s determination and sass, as well as Blake’s protectiveness and his determination to respect his friendship with Carrie’s brother by keeping his hands off her. I also really liked that while there was a mention of a childhood crush, their growing relationship was not based on that crush (very overdone story-line at the moment), but on getting to know each other as adults.

 FAKE ENGAGEMENT REAL TEMPTATION is lighthearted and sweet, the perfect read for a lazy day.




Thank you so much for having me on this wonderful blog and chatting with me today. Fake Engagement, Real Temptation fun to write and I happy to answer some questions today about the lady behind the laptop…(don’t get your hopes up for glamour though because my favorite past time is wearing sweatpants and eating Cheetos!)


Favorite thing to eat/drink when writing?

Depends on how rough a day it is. When I’m struggling with a scene, I break out the wine. Otherwise, it’s coffee 24/7. The level of addiction I have to caffeine is a bit concerning, but I’m sure it’ll all work out…


Top 3 favorite heroes (movies, books, etc)?

Ooooh, I love fantasy hero naming. I tend to have a “type.” Slightly dirty, dark haired guys with bright eyes and very dominant facial features. So I’d take some Francios Arnad (from the TV show The Borgias) and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (from the movie Savages) and finally, I loved “Joshua” from the very first romance novel I ever read, “Eternity” by Jude Devereax. 


Favorite vacation spot?

Anywhere! I know that sounds lame, but I love road trips and new adventures. So anywhere new to explore is my destination of choice. I just went to Tulsa, Oklahoma for a concert and loved it as much as I loved Disneyland during Halloween. It’s all about a new fun place and experience.


Cats or dogs?

Dogs. All Day. Specifically my English Bulldog, Elvis. I’ve turned into a creepy dog lady that shows pictures of his smoosh to strangers on the street at least twice a day.


Favorite dessert?

Chocolate chip cookies. The homemade, right out of the over, kind!



About Joya Ryan

National and international bestselling author Joya Ryan is the author of the Shattered Series (Break Me Slowly, Possess Me Slowly and Capture Me Slowly), the Sweet Torment Series (Breathe You In, Only You), and The Chasing Love Series (Chasing Trouble, Chasing Temptation, Chasing Desire).

Passionate about both cooking and dancing (despite not being too skilled at the latter), she loves spending time at home color coding things. She resides in California with her husband and her two sons. Visit Joya Ryan online.

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