TIED TO HIS BETRAYAL by Stacey Kennedy: Review

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TIED TO HIS BETRAYAL by Stacey Kennedy: ReviewTied to His Betrayal by Stacey Kennedy
Series: Dirty Little Secrets #2
Published by Loveswept
Publication Date: November 15th 2016
Genres: Erotica, Erotic Romance
Pages: 248
Source: Publisher
Format: eARC
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Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely mine.

In a dazzling novel of passion and power from the bestselling author of Bound Beneath His Pain and the Club Sin series, a commanding man gives up his most prized possession to win back the one that got away.
Darius Bennett can’t live without supreme control. A self-made billionaire, he’s rich enough to get anything—and any woman—he wants, yet he’s still haunted by a broken relationship. Five years ago, Darius let Taylor Erikson go because he knew he could never give her what she truly wanted: his heart. But the moment Taylor walks back into his life, bruised and beaten, Darius blames himself. To make good on his betrayal, he vows to help her heal—in and out of the sheets.
Once upon a time, Darius was Taylor’s world. Now his fierce embrace is exactly what she needs to get back on her feet. But Taylor pays a heavy price for her sizzling nights with Darius. As the emotional ties become stronger than ever and the paparazzi hunt her down for their next juicy story, Taylor must face some hard truths. They can’t go back. And to move forward, the key to loving Darius isn’t about keeping his secrets—it’s about exposing them.
Tied to His Betrayal is intended for mature audiences.



I’m generally wary of spin-off series especially if I love the original because I don’t feel the author can reproduce the magic and for that reason I skipped reading the first book in this series. However, the trope in this book is one I can never get enough of and it convinced me to give this series a try. I’m glad to say that I really enjoyed it and any reservations I had about the series are gone.

Five years ago Darius Bennett ended things with the only woman he’s ever loved, for her own good and since then he never let himself get that close to another woman. As a single and young wealthy man, he’s at the top of every woman’s wish list and a favorite of the tabloid but he has managed to keep himself free of both to date. Now he and his friends have become the focus of the gossip rags and as if the timing couldn’t be worse, the woman he drove away is back.

Taylor Erickson never really got over Darius and no other man has been able to fill the void he left in her life. Now that she’s returned home, a little bruised and with secrets of her own, the last thing she needs is to have her pictures and stories splashed across the papers but her connection to Darius makes for good gossip and as usual, he’s riding to her rescue. Can she break through the walls Darius has built around himself this time? Will she survive him walking away again?

This book is chock full of drama and one reason I enjoyed it so much is because Ms. Kennedy kept Darius and Taylor the focal point of the story. There was a lot going on around them, but the attention was never taken away from them. It was all about them – their past, their present, their connection, their feelings and how they dealt with them. Did they make me want to shake some sense into them? Yes! Did they come across as immature sometimes? Yes. Did their relationship feel uneven sometimes, with Darius doing all the giving and Taylor all the taking? Yes. But it was engaging and entertaining to see Taylor become more independent and actually fight for her man instead of falling into self-destructive patterns. 

Darius may have loved being in control all the time and enjoyed his kink and all, but it really was his way of avoiding intimacy and he needed to have his control shattered so that he could deal with his past and how it affected his relationships, especially with Taylor. Besides, a man who was sentimental enough to go to great lengths to preserve the past couldn’t be as cold and unfeeling as he seemed to be.

TIED TO HIS BETRAYAL is a combination of emotional and erotic that Ms. Kennedy does so well and I’m now counting the days till the next book releases. Besides, I can’t wait to find out who the mole is. This is a really good place to test the waters for a newbie to the BDSM genre. 



About Stacey Kennedy

Stacey Kennedy is the USA Today bestselling author of the Dirty Little Secrets and Club Sin series. She writes deeply emotional romances about powerful men and the wild women who tame them.

When she’s not writing sensual stories, she spends her time in southwestern Ontario with her real life hero, her husband, their two young children, and her other babies: a mini labradoodle named Jax and a chocolate labrador named Murphy.

Stacey is a proud chocolate, television show, Urban Barn, and wine addict. She likes her heroes in her books like she likes her coffee…strong and hot!

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