SEDUCING THE FIREMAN by Jennifer Bonds: Review, Excerpt & Giveaway

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SEDUCING THE FIREMAN by Jennifer Bonds: Review, Excerpt & Giveaway

SEDUCING THE FIREMAN by Jennifer Bonds: Review, Excerpt & GiveawaySeducing the Fireman by Jennifer Bonds
Series: Risky Business #3
Published by Entangled: Brazen
Publication Date: May 2nd 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 238
Source: Publisher
Format: eARC
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Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely mine.

Firefighter Jackson Hart is back in Brooklyn and on the hunt for the girl who’s kept him burning for ten long years. The girl he left, in a total prick move, without saying goodbye. Now he’s determined to make it right, to hell with her three-date rule. 

But Becca’s not ready to forgive and forget. In fact, she seems determined to stoke his fire every chance she gets. She wants to avoid sexy distractions like him? Fine. Because what she doesn’t know—yet—is that Jax isn’t the kind of man to give up when he wants something. And he always gets what he wants.



Seducing the Fireman was a very entertaining albeit sometimes annoying book but with a clear lesson that Jackson Hart learned just fine: don’t mess with a Brooklyn girl because she’s got a long memory and will get her revenge when you least expect it. 

Honestly though, I’m not a fan of juvenile and immature actions and was over Becca within the first third of the book because of the way she treated Jackson. I’m a straight shooter and prefer to deal with issues head-on, so the vengeful way of getting back at people for wrongs or perceived wrongs is quite strange to me and I think there is just a limit to how far you should go.

Poor Jax never stood a chance. He came back for Frankie, his friend’s sweet and shy younger sister and he got Becca the fiery woman with a grudge, but he doesn’t mind because he’s in it to win it and he’ll take anything she dishes out, just as long as he gets the girl in the end.

Becca learned her lesson when Jax broke her heart ten years ago and she’s determined to keep him at an arm’s length, but the man he has become is even more attractive than the teenage boy who stole her heart and resisting him is almost impossible, especially because he’s everything she ever wanted: he’s dedicated to his job, he supports and encourages her dreams and he rocks her world in the  very best ways.

I enjoy reading Ms. Bonds’ writing because she combines serious themes with fun dialogue and humor in a way that entertains but does not minimize the impact of her message, which in this case is the dangerous job of a fireman, the toll it can take and the challenge that comes with loving one.



It’s now or never.

Solidifying her resolve, Becca reached out, resting her palm on his bicep—his rather massive, rocklike bicep—and proceeded to curse herself for noticing. So not the point. Just because he could wrap her in that steely embrace, didn’t mean she wanted him to. This was the same boy who’d broken her heart and left her crying into her pillow more nights than she cared to remember.

Looks changed, people didn’t.

Jax shifted on his stool, turning his body toward her. He looked her up and down, his gaze lingering on the hand that rested on his arm. Their eyes met, and he smiled at her, a sexy grin that hooked up on the left playing across his full lips. And, oh sweet Jesus. When he turned those dimples on her, her panties nearly went up in flames.

Damn. She’d forgotten those dimples. How was that even possible? No matter. He was a player and she wasn’t falling for it this time.

Fool me once.

“Can I help you?” he asked, the words smoother than a shot of Johnnie Walker Black.

Pretending to study him, she gave a coy smile in return. Then, tapping into her inner vixen, she stroked his bicep, relishing the way his muscles rippled at her touch. “That remains to be seen. I’m Becca.”

“Jackson Hart,” he said, offering his hand. First a smile and now a handshake? If she didn’t know any better, she’d think he’d gone off and become a proper gentleman. With no choice but to accept his offer, she released his bicep and met him halfway, trying not to think about the way his calloused hand swallowed her own, wrapping it in warmth and sending a tingle racing up her arm. Or about the way her heartbeat accelerated at his touch. No way they had chemistry all these years later. No. Freaking. Way. “You can call me Jax.”

“Because that’s what all the ladies call you?” She leaned into his personal space, reminding herself it wasn’t real. It was a set up. A role she played. Jax needed a hefty dose of karma, and she fully intended to deliver. Nothing more.

“The ladies?” He raked a hand through his dirty blond hair. Interesting. Jackson Hart was nervous. She was sure of it. After all, how many times had she watched him do the very same thing as a kid? His hair was shorter now, cropped close on the sides with an artfully messy spike on top, but that gesture? It hadn’t changed at all. “I just moved back to town. So, yeah, no ladies.”

“No ladies yet,” she said, correcting him with a growing level of confidence. Pressing her body against his, she snaked a hand up his arm. “Which means you’re all mine.”

“These guys might have something to say about that,” he teased, hooking a thumb over his shoulder at his buddies.

“I’m really not interested in what they think.” Licking her lips suggestively, she kept her eyes fixed on him, pretending he was the only man she had eyes for in the crowded bar. Guys liked to feel important, too, right? And really, she didn’t give a crap about his friends. They were definitely not part of the plan. “But I’ll make this easy for you, Jax. Me and you. Saturday night. Eight o’clock. Co.”



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