THE MISSION by L.J. Wilson: Review

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THE MISSION by L.J. Wilson: ReviewThe Mission by L. J. Wilson
Series: Clairmont #2
Published by AB Edge
Publication Date: May 17th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 330
Source: Author
Format: eARC
Buy Online: Amazon

Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely mine.

Legacies aren’t meant to rise from incredible odds. This is the saga of Sebastian and Evie, a harrowing, thrill-ride of a love story that neither of them will foresee, and the Tribe of Five will be stunned to discover. Sebastian Christos is expected to live his father’s life, working for the seedy underbelly of the Greek mafia. Evie Neal’s future couldn’t be more different—raised in a cloistered sect, promised to Ezra Kane, the future leader of the Fathers of the Right.

When Sebastian is accused of swindling his mob ties, the only safe haven is the chaste community. It’s a temporary reprieve from his unsavory existence and the sight of Evie Neal is a startling bright light in his bleak world. For the first time, the two find love. But with a price on his head, a debt to organized crime, and Evie destined to marry another man, Sebastian has a few challenges to face—a mission to complete—all before the patriarch of a legacy can come into his own.



I have struggled over this review because I’m determined to keep it spoiler-free and I think that every one should experience the roller-coaster that is The Mission for themselves.

Ms. Wilson takes us back to where everything began in this suspenseful, emotional and sometimes difficult to read installment of the Clairmont series with the story of Evie and Sebastian, the parents of the Clairmont siblings. An unlikely pairing of the woman from a conservative religious sect and the man with deep mafia ties in a forbidden and tragic but passionate love story, one fraught with drama, mystery, surprises and deceit and skillfully blends the past and present in a gripping tale.

The Mission gives us more insight into the Clairmont siblings as well as their parents and the events that led to their demise and the unanswered questions that have lingered for decades. Alec’s investigation into the plane crash that cost his parents their lives brings more questions than answers and soon has them embroiled in danger and twists that bring an unexpected cliffhanger ending and will have the reader eagerly awaiting the next installment.

This story is not for the faint of heart because it is definitely not your mother’s romance and will challenge so much of what a reader believes and twist you up emotionally, but I definitely think it’s worth reading and I have to give the author props for a well-written book.


About L. J. Wilson

L. J. Wilson is the pen name of award-winning author Laura Spinella. The Clairmont series novels are her foray into seductive romance, a facet of her women’s fiction that had readers clamoring for more. Beautiful Disaster and Perfect Timing, her mainstream work, have earned multiple awards, including the distinguished Golden Leaf and Golden Quill awards for Best First Book, as well as being named a RITA finalist.

Written with a “best-of” mindset, L. J. Wilson novels are sensual reads for discerning book lovers—stories that delve even deeper into her characters’ relationships and romances.

Laura describes herself as an “East Coast kind of girl,” growing up on Long Island, graduating from the University of Georgia, and having lived on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. She now resides outside Boston with her family. Readers are also invited to visit

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