I DREAM OF DRAGONS by Ashlyn Chase: Review, Excerpt & Giveaway

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I DREAM OF DRAGONS by Ashlyn Chase: Review, Excerpt & GiveawayI Dream of Dragons by Ashlyn Chase
Series: Boston Dragons #1
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publication Date: April 5th 2016
Pages: 352
Source: Publisher
Format: eARC
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Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely mine.


When Rory Arish and his two fiery dragon siblings are run out of their ancestral Irish home, it seems their luck has run out—until they arrive in Boston and find a paranormal-friendly apartment building. Finally, Rory has a place to call home. There’s only one problem: Rory’s new lair has simultaneously been rented to an infuriating woman who is as stubborn as she is beautiful and will not leave ‘her’ apartment matter how steamed he may be…



Amber McNally is a down-on-her-luck flight attendant. She needs this apartment, and not even a fire-breathing dragon with his Irish charm and scorching good looks is going to scare her away. Holing up in their respective corners, a battle of wills ensues. Who will be the first to blink…or give in to their off-the-charts chemistry and decide to make this unorthodox living arrangement a little more permanent?



When you combine dragons, gods, leprechauns, ghosts and muses and throw in a lot of magic, what you get is a lighthearted, humorous and entertaining adventure that traverses two continents. The cover of this book made me expect a much sexier story that what I got, but I wasn’t disappointed because I enjoyed it.

Rory Arish and his two sisters find themselves in Boston after being forced out of their ancestral home in Ireland with the clothes on their backs and some family heirlooms by leprechauns for allegedly stealing their pot of gold. First up is a need to find shelter and they end up renting a couple of apartments in a complex that caters to paranormal beings. Unknown to them, the unit rented by Rory has simultaneously been rented to a woman who is determined not to give up possession of the unit and it becomes a battle to see who will give in first.

Amber McNally finds herself thrust into the world of the supernatural when she gets picked by Mother nature to become one of her muses. Being evicted on the heels of this is the last thing she needs, but Amber is definitely not giving up the new apartment she just rented to the sexy Irish guy who also rented due to an error, not unless she gets pried out of it. 

The current living conditions are a problem for both of them because Rory must keep his dragony side secret from a human and Amber can’t let on that she is a muse, but she needs to be able to leave the apartment to carry out her duties. With their fate in the hands of the other tenants in the building, a mischievous ghost playing Cupid, leprechauns chasing the Arish siblings to Boston in search of gold, a lovesick beau following his ladylove across the pond and all hell breaking loose in Ireland, Rory and Amber have their hands full crisscrossing both continents to deal with all the drama and little time to pursue the attraction between them.

I really enjoyed this story even though it wasn’t what I expected but there was a lot of byplay among the characters, with so many story arcs that it was some work keeping track of the story and the focus on Amber and Rory and the result was that the romance between them was relegated to the background. In spite of that, the story was enjoyable enough that I am looking forward to the rest of the series.




Amber, along with the other flight attendants, boarded the plane from Iceland back to Boston. She noticed a young red- haired woman with her adorable daughter— the resemblance couldn’t be missed— seated in her first class section. She thought she heard the woman explaining to the little girl that she could have snapped her fingers and they would have been home instantly, but she didn’t want the girl to think that was the normal way to get around. The little girl nodded and her big, blue eyes didn’t blink, as if the explanation made perfect sense to her. It made no sense to Amber. She must have misheard. All was going well until a bit of turbulence ruffled the plane’s smooth path. Amber happened to be standing next to the mother and daughter’s seats.

The captain announced over the intercom, “Sorry, folks. We seem to be experiencing a bit of rough air.” At that moment the plane bounced dramatically, and Amber braced herself against the passenger’s seat and the overhead bin. “No shit,” she muttered under her breath. The woman giggled as if she had superior senses and had heard the inappropriate comment over the engine noise. “Please be sure your seat belts are fastened,” the captain continued. “Flight attendants, return to your seats and buckle up. It’s going to be a bit bumpy.” The woman seemed to be glancing at Amber a little more frequently than she’d expect— almost sizing her up. Oh well… If she’s going to lodge a complaint against me, it will take the decision to quit or not to quit out of my hands. Amber had been flying the skies ambivalently for several years. After high school, she didn’t have the money for college and didn’t know what her major would be, so rather than waste her mother’s hard- earned money, she’d decided to go to work. She figured as soon as she discovered her passion, she could go to college and by then she’d have a bunch of money saved up for school. Maybe it was time…




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About Ashlyn Chase

A multi-published eBook author, Ashlyn Chase specializes in characters who reinvent themselves, having reinvented herself numerous times. She has worked as a psychiatric nurse, and for the Red Cross, and has a degree in behavioral sciences. She lives with her true-life hero husband in beautiful New Hampshire.


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