DEEP TROUBLE (A MACKENZIE FAMILY NOVELLA) by Kimberly Kincaid: Review & Excerpt

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DEEP TROUBLE (A MACKENZIE FAMILY NOVELLA) by Kimberly Kincaid: Review & Excerpt

DEEP TROUBLE (A MACKENZIE FAMILY NOVELLA) by Kimberly Kincaid: Review & ExcerptDeep Trouble by Kimberly Kincaid
Series: A MacKenzie Family Novella
Publication Date: February 16th 2016
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Source: Publisher
Format: eARC
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Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely mine.

From Liliana Hart’s New York Times bestselling MacKenzie family comes a new story by USA Today best-selling author Kimberly Kincaid…

Bartender Kylie Walker went into the basement of The Corner Tavern for a box of cocktail napkins, but what she got was an eyeful of murder. Now she’s on the run from a killer with connections, and one wrong step could be her last. Desperate to stay safe, Kylie calls the only person she trusts—her ex-Army Ranger brother. The only problem? He’s two thousand miles away, and trouble is right outside her door.

Security specialist Devon Randolph might be rough and gruff, but he’ll never turn down a friend in need, especially when that friend is the fellow Ranger who once saved his life. Devon may have secrets, but he’s nearby, and he’s got the skills to keep his buddy’s sister safe…even if one look at brash, beautiful, Kylie makes him want to break all the rules.

Forced on the run, Kylie and Devon dodge bullets and bad guys, but they cannot fight the attraction burning between them. Yet the closer they grow, the higher the stakes become. Will they be able to outrun a brutal killer? Or will Devon’s secrets tear them apart first?



A case of wrong place, wrong time sends bartender Kylie Walker on the run when she witnesses the murder of her boss. But there is no place for Kylie to hide because the killer is a drug dealer with connections even in law enforcement and her only option is to flee to safety with her brother across the country but she will need help to get there.

Devon Randolph owes his life to Kellan Walker and would do anything to repay that debt so stepping in to provide protection to his friend’s sister is no big deal but only one look at Kylie and his determination to keep her safe ceases to be about his debt to his buddy and becomes about how she makes him feel.

I love me some action and DEEP TROUBLE delivers that right from the first page, but it also shows that lasting connections can be made in adrenaline-infused situations and that danger is the biggest motivation to grab hold of happiness. Kylie and Devon had great chemistry and the time spent together on the run only served to heighten their bond.

DEEP TROUBLE is fast, action-laden and hot, and a great prequel to Ms. Kincaid’s upcoming series. I can’t wait for Kellan’s story.


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He pushed himself out of the creaky bedside chair. While he wasn’t exactly Mr. Congeniality, or even a nice guy for that matter, she’d been through a shit-slide of emotions in the last day. A quick hey-how-are-ya couldn’t hurt.

But before Devon could make it halfway across the carpet, the bathroom door pushed open, and Kylie stepped silently over the threshold.

“Hey. I was just coming to—”

Devon’s words tripped to a halt in his throat. Kylie stood barely three steps away, wearing a thin white tank top and his borrowed sweatpants that she’d had to roll over her hips twice to even get them close to staying up. But her unconventional apparel wasn’t what had frozen him into place from lips to legs.

“You cut your hair,” he finally managed, and Christ, nobody would ever accuse him of being suave. But come on. She’d gone into the bathroom with a long, hot pink and black ponytail and now she was sporting a head full of chin-length, caramel colored hair that looked just tousled enough to be hot as fuck.

“Yeah, I…” Kylie broke off, taking a steady breath that outlined the press of her breasts against her tank top. “You were right. The pink was really obvious. I knew hiding it wasn’t going to work in the long run, and anyway, it’s just hair. So I cut it.”

“It looks…” Do not say wildly sexy, do not say wildly sexy, do not say… “You know. Pretty.”

Kylie’s laugh rode out on a soft puff of humorless breath, and man, she was a fighter. “I don’t know about all that, but I guess it’s not terrible. There were a few pieces in the back I couldn’t reach, though.”

She extended the scissors in her hand just far enough to hammer home her request, and Devon’s chin snapped up in shock.

“You want me to cut the rest of your hair?”

“Well, yeah. It’ll be pretty obvious if I leave it like this, won’t it?” she asked, gesturing to the handful of thick strands still cascading down her back.

Damn, she had a point. Still… “Cutting your hair is a little outside my wheelhouse, is all.”

Okay, so the words were a massive fucking understatement. Devon could dismantle an AR-15 with one hand chained to a radiator, but cutting Kylie’s hair?

Unless she handed over a pair of clippers and asked for a standard issue crew cut, he didn’t have clue one what to do.

But Kylie just served him with a no-nonsense stare. “This whole thing is outside my wheelhouse, Devon. But I trust you with my life. My hair is kind of the least of our worries, don’t you think?”




About Kimberly Kincaid

USA Today best-selling author Kimberly Kincaid writes romantic suspense that sizzles and contemporary romance with heart and heat. Equal parts action and emotion, her firefighters and first responders always save the day.

When she's not finding adventure with her husband, three teens, and naughty Whippets, Olive, Daisy, and Jack, she can be found practicing obscene amounts of yoga, whipping up anything from enchiladas to éclairs in her kitchen, or curled up with her nose in a book.

Kimberly's series include Remington Medical, Station Seventeen, the Line series, Cross Creek, and her brand-new Intelligence Unit series. All titles stand alone for easy reading.

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