I HEARD A RUMOR by Cheris Hodges: Review

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I HEARD A RUMOR by Cheris Hodges: ReviewI Heard a Rumor by Cheris Hodges
Series: Rumor #2
Published by Dafina
Publication Date: November 24th 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 368
Source: Publisher
Format: eARC
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Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely mine.

Chante Britt is nobody’s fool—and she’s definitely not standing by her cheating ex-fiancé and current mayoral candidate, Robert Montgomery. Too bad he chose to tell the media otherwise. To escape an onslaught of prying reporters, Chante flees to her grandmother’s South Carolina beach house. But when she meets Zach Harrington, she may be out of the frying pan and into the fire. The man is arrogant, way too forward—and way too sexy…

Newly divorced and dealing with a scandal of his own, Zach should stay clear of all women. Yet something about Chante draws him in—maybe it’s the drink she throws in his face after his too-hot-to-handle surprise kiss. Still, Zach firmly believes they can help each other take the edge off. And once he gets her to agree, what could have been a fling promises to be much more—until their personal and public dramas catch up with them. Will past wrongs keep them from finally having the love that’s right?



I picked this book because of the mention of politics and scandal on the blurb and it turned out to be a very welcome surprise with an empowering message and I really enjoyed it. This book really lives up to its name, with all the rumors and scandals the characters found themselves embroiled in. This story will have you wondering about the lengths politicians will go to get into public office.

Chante Britt seems to be a scandal magnet through no fault of her own. She can’t seem to shake her cheating ex-fiancé whom she broke up with after the discovery of his affairs, leading to the crash and burn of his political career. Now he’s dragged her back into the limelight with his claims of a reconciliation with her, with some misguided hope that the supposed reconciliation would sway the voters into forgiving his indiscretions and voting him in as Mayor. Her job is on the line because of the negative publicity and she needs to lay low for a bit, away from the city. Well, that vacation doesn’t turn out to be the quiet one she’s hoping for as an unexpected meeting with a hot guy at the hotel bar turns in to a fling that brings with it media attention because her fling is running away from his own scandal. 

Zach Harrington’s life has been turned upside down with the discovery that his now ex-wife was running a highly sought after escort service out of their home, news that has negatively impacted his business and stepping away is the only way for the company to recover. Unfortunately for Zach, travelling thousands of miles away does not help because he finds himself tangled up in fresh scandal. 

Chante and Zach must be two of the most unlucky people in the world in view of how much drama they were involved in and at some point I threw up my hands in defeat, but I loved every bit of it. From her issues with her mom, to the differences of opinions with her boss, to her struggle to set up her own firm, there was always something new coming up. Never underestimate a vindictive or delusional ex with an agenda and the hunger of the paparazzi to be the bearers of salacious news. I liked that Chante took charge of her life and fought back hard against all the gossip. I also enjoyed her relationship with Zach and the bond they shared even though they made a few missteps that almost cost them everything.

There were a few minor issues but my biggest was with the sexy times and the number of scenes such that that I took to skimming over them. In spite of that, this was an enjoyable read and I’ll be looking out for more from this author.




About Cheris Hodges

Cheris Hodges was bitten by the writing bug at an early age and always knew she wanted to be a writer. She is a 1999 graduate of Johnson C. Smith University and a freelance writer in Charlotte, North Carolina. A native of Bennettsville, South Carolina, Cheris loves hearing from her readers.

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