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EVERYTHING I LEFT UNSAID by M. O’Keefe: ReviewEverything I Left Unsaid by M. O’Keefe
Series: Everything I Left Unsaid #1
Published by Bantam
Publication Date: October 13th 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 352
Source: Publisher
Format: eARC
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Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely mine.

Fans of Jodi Ellen Malpas, K. Bromberg, and Joanna Wylde will be unable to resist this sexy, deeply intimate tale of a woman running from her past, and the darkly mysterious man who sets her free.
I didn’t think answering someone else’s cellphone would change my life. But the stranger with the low, deep voice on the other end of the line tempted me, awakened my body, set me on fire. He was looking for someone else. Instead he found me.
And I found a hot, secret world where I felt alive for the first time.
His name was Dylan, and, strangely, he made me feel safe. Desired. Compelled. Every dark thing he asked me to do, I did. Without question. I longed to meet him, but we were both keeping secrets. And mine were dangerous. If I took the first step, if I got closer to Dylan—emotionally, physically—then I wouldn’t be hiding anymore. I would be exposed, with nothing left to surrender but the truth. And my truth could hurt us both.



Annie ran halfway across the country to escape her abusive husband and finds her safe haven in a rundown trailer park. For someone who had been sheltered her entire life, living on her own is strange but she is determined to enjoy the experience and an enticing voice at the other end of an abandoned cell phone opens Annie to a world of sexual pleasure and exploration. 

Two damaged strangers sharing their deepest secrets and desires in anonymity, without judgement, without expectations. A naïve and sheltered woman coming into her own sexually, a reclusive millionaire and lots of steamy and titillating phone sex. But soon that’s not enough. Annie wants more, but is Dylan willing to give her more? Can Annie trust Dylan?

I struggled a bit with this book, especially the slow beginning and I can’t say that I enjoyed this book completely because I was left with mixed feelings at the end. This book was quite far from the sweet, soft and loving emotions I look forward to when I pick up a romance. This was raw and heart-wrenching and a bit dark and uncomfortable for me but as I read on, I found myself getting into it.

 I enjoyed the writing and the characters Ms. O’Keefe created – Annie and her contradictions, sweet and tart, bold and shy, inexperienced seductress; and the remote and secretive Dylan; and I enjoyed the secondary characters in this book. Each one of them brings flavor to the story. 

However I wanted more development of their connection and relationship outside the sexual exploration. Also, it’s kind of hard to believe that someone who had been abused as much as Annie had would easily trust a faceless stranger with her unexplored desires so freely, but yet as I write that I realize that the anonymity and freedom may just be the perfect reason to do so. EVERYTHING I LEFT UNSAID made me think about the less than pretty side of relationships in general: the secrets, pain, anger, hurt and the hope that it can get better.

It’s hard to rate this book because I enjoyed the writing and the characters and all their connections but felt very little connection to the main characters. I’m holding out hope that the second book would resolve all the reservations I had about this one.




About M. O’Keefe

M. O’Keefe can remember the exact moment her love of romance began—in seventh grade, when Mrs. Nelson handed her a worn paperback copy of The Thorn Birds.

Writing as Molly O’Keefe, she has written thirty novels, won two RITA awards and three RT Reviewers’ Choice Awards. Her books have been on numerous “Best Of” lists including Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus and NPR. She lives in Toronto, Canada, with her husband and two kids.

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