COMING APART AT THE SEAMS by Jenna Sutton: Review & Excerpt

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COMING APART AT THE SEAMS by Jenna Sutton: Review & Excerpt

COMING APART AT THE SEAMS by Jenna Sutton: Review & ExcerptComing Apart at the Seams by Jenna Sutton
Series: Riley O'Brien & Co. #2
Published by Berkley
Publication Date: December 1st 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 336
Source: Publisher
Format: eARC
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Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely mine.

Love can take some time to break in…


Teagan O’Brien, heiress to the Riley O’Brien & Co. denim empire, is anything but a spoiled rich girl. She’s worked hard to secure her place in the family business and can hold her own, in and out of the office. Only one man has ever been able to get under her skin—sexy football star Nick Priest. Years ago they crossed the line from friends to lovers, but he left her heartbroken. Since then, she’s been determined to keep him at arm’s length—no matter how tempting he looks in his jeans…


Nick has fortune, fame, and looks that make most women hot and bothered. But he doesn’t have the woman he really wants. He knows he screwed up when he walked away from Teagan, and now that he has a second chance, he’ll do whatever it takes to win her over—no matter how tongue-tied he gets…



Sometimes, you read a book where the characters are so perfect for each other but just can’t get it right and all you want to do is shake some sense into them – that’s exactly how I felt as I was reading this book. 

Teagan O’Brien took a risk getting involved with her best friend and it blew up in her face when he walked away and broke her heart. It’s been a few years since then and now he’s back wanting a second chance, something she is definitely not willing to give him, but her body does not seem to have received that memo. Oh, and her brother just gave him a job, working under her (pun intended) so it’s about to get even harder resisting him.

Nick Priest knew that he messed up badly with Teagan when he pushed her away, but his insecurities were overwhelming at the time and now all he wants is a future with her and he’s willing to take anything she dishes out as long as she gives him a second chance.

COMING APART AT THE SEAMS is a love story done just right! With enough heartache, drama and sexy interludes, Ms. Sutton takes you from anticipation to laughter to tears and back again, over and over and it never gets old. The words to express just how much I enjoyed Nick and Teagan’s story are hard to come by but one thing is sure: I loved it. 

I’m not usually a fan of the angst and drama in relationships, but there was just something about this one that drew me in and had me rooting for them from the very first page. Maybe it’s Nick’s communication issues and his cold upbringing, or Teagan’s fearless way of going after what she wants and the time they spent enjoying each other’s company, but these two stole my heart. Were they perfect? Definitely not! For such a take charge, sexy man and fearless athlete, Nick was not bold when and where it counted and I really wish Teagan had been more observant and pushy with Nick. If only they had been a bit more honest with each other and actually talked, they may have saved themselves years of heartache.

I love how this story played out, starting in the present and taking us back to the beginning of Nick and Teagan as friends and then lovers. Every single piece of their history shows just how right they are for each other and just how deep their connection is – from their shared interest in history to their effortless and easy friendship. 

With COMING APART AT THE SEAMS, Ms. Sutton has secured a place as one of my favorite authors and I will be looking forward to more from her.




San Francisco—Present Day

Blunder. Gaffe. Misstep. Error. Snafu.

Although plenty of words described the huge, life-altering mistake Nick Priest had made, none of them quite conveyed his stupidity. He’d had a chance with Teagan O’Brien, but he’d blown it. That was his biggest regret, and he had a lot of them.

As he stared at her across the ballroom, he had to remind himself to breathe. Her long, red dress clung to her curvy body, just tight enough to make every man in the room wish his pants were a little looser behind the zipper.

She reminded him of a starlet from the 1950s with her abundant breasts, narrow waist, and round hips. He’d had the pleasure of shaping those hips with his hands, tonguing her rosy nipples, and sinking into her luscious body, although pleasure didn’t really describe what he’d felt when he had been with her.

She laughed, her deep blue eyes glinting in the light from the chandeliers, and her date leaned closer, licking his lips as he got an eyeful of her tits. Nick clenched his hands into fists, barely controlling the urge to ram the fucker’s head into the wall.

For more than a year and a half, he had been trying to persuade Teagan to give him another chance. But she hated him with all the passion she’d given him during their one and only night together.

He thought about approaching her but discarded the idea. She had become a master at avoiding him, and she would find a reason to excuse herself immediately.

Forcing himself to relax, he settled more comfortably against the wood-paneled wall. He wasn’t trying to blend in. He knew that was impossible.

His face and form were highly recognizable from years of playing pro football, and most recently, appearing in commercials for Riley O’Brien & Co., the nation’s oldest designer and manufacturer of blue jeans. Since he’d thrown his lot in with the company, he had figured he ought to attend the annual holiday party. Plus, he had known Teagan would be here.

This wasn’t the first O’Brien celebration he had attended. He’d known the family for about fifteen years. He had played football with Quinn O’Brien at the University of Southern California, and he had formed friendships with both Quinn and his younger brother, Cal.

The O’Brien brothers were Nick’s best friends, two of his favorite people. But his absolute favorite person was their little sister, Teagan. He’d known her almost as long as he had known Quinn and Cal, and before he’d messed things up, they had been friends. Best friends, in fact.



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Jenna Sutton is a former award-winning journalist who traded fact for fiction when she began writing novels. Surprisingly, the research she conducted for her articles provided a lot of inspiration for her books.

Jenna is the author of the Riley O’Brien & Co. romances including All the Right Places and Coming Apart at the Seams. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Texas Christian University and a Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University.

Jenna and her husband live in Texas in a 105-year-old house affectionately known as “The Money Pit”. You can find out more about her and her books by visiting or connect with her at or @jsuttonauthor.

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