SHADOWS STRIKE by Dianne Duvall : Review

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SHADOWS STRIKE by Dianne Duvall : ReviewShadows Strike by Dianne Duvall
Series: Immortal Guardians #6
Published by Zebra
Publication Date: August 25th 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 320
Source: Publisher
Format: eARC
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Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely mine.

The Immortal Guardians protect the innocent in secret. Sometimes the secret gets out…

U.S. law enforcement agent Heather Lane can read minds. But not the future. The dream of battle and blood that recurs every night must be a fluke, some obscure terror from her own mind. What its significance might be, she can’t guess: an attack from seven psychotic vampires at once, only separated from nightmare by an eighth very different immortal. A handsome, brave man fighting at her side, a man she misses when she wakes.

Then the dream comes true. Heather is flung into a war between predators and protectors of humanity, the man from her dreams beside her again. Except now that she’s awake, she isn’t sure she can trust Ethan, or the shadow organization he represents. The U.S. military doesn’t trust either of them. But against an onslaught of evil like the one that’s coming, it will take everything they have just to survive.



So, I have read so many rave reviews about this series and have been waiting for the perfect moment to dive into it from the beginning, but I somehow I started reading here and I have to say that my mind is completely blown. Why? Because even though this is the sixth book in the series, it was one hell of a thrill ride!  This is the first ever book of Ms. Duvall’s I have read and I love her writing so much that it’s definitely not going to be the last!

Heather Lane has been plagued by the same dream for almost a year, dreams in which she battles with vampires aided by sexy Immortal Ethan, the same man who plays the leading role in her more pleasurable dreams. When that dream becomes reality, Heather is introduced to the world of the Immortal Guardians where her previously hidden paranormal abilities are normal and even welcomed. However, danger looms as the enemy of the Guardians is determined to bring about the end of the world. The Guardians are the only people that can thwart those plans and Heather is the key. Heather’s dreams, the battle and the meeting with Ethan are all part of a bigger plan orchestrated by a shadowy ally to give the Guardians an advantage over their enemy.

Ethan has been an immortal for about a century and never found a female who interested him until he meets Heather and her courage and quick thinking blow him away. I love both Ethan and Heather. Heather is a real kick@ass woman, cool under pressure and very smart but I love how delighted she was with all the cool abilities the Immortals had, like a child in a candy store. Ethan is charming and so very sweet. I love how protective and possessive he was of Heather and even though by necessity their relationship was fast, they are perfect for each other and I enjoyed the flirty tone of their banter.

“You’re beautiful, you’re smart, you think quickly in a crisis, and you kick ass. Do you have any idea what a desirous combination that is?”
“Since I could say the same about you, yes.”
He grinned. “You’re bold, too? Be still my heart.”

The action is gripping and so vivid it’s like watching an action movie, especially as the Guardians are attacked by the enemy on multiple fronts and their people are pushed to the limit. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the rest of the Guardians, especially since I haven’t read any of the previous books and I love how they and their families and friends were integrated into the story. There are quite a few single immortals and the possibilities for future stories are so many, enough to make me do a happy dance.

SHADOWS STRIKE is filled with rapid and intense action, a very sexy romance, exciting and engaging characters and an entertaining story-line, and I am looking forward to the next book in the series.



About Dianne Duvall

Dianne Duvall is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of the Immortal Guardians paranormal romance series. Her debut novel Darkness Dawns, Book 1, was nominated for the RT Reviewers' Choice Award for Best Vampire Romance by RT Book Reviews and for Best Paranormal Romance - Vampire by The Romance Reviews. Night Reigns, Book 2, was declared an “utterly addictive” Top Pick by RT Book Reviews and was nominated for Best Paranormal Romance 2011 by The Romance Reviews. Phantom Shadows, Book 3, was named a Top Pick by both The Romance Reviews and Night Owl Reviews. Her Immortal Guardians novella "In Still Darkness" was released in the Predatory Anthology in May 2013. Darkness Rises, Book 4, was also nominated for the RT Reviewers' Choice Award for Best Vampire Romance. Night Unbound, Book 5 in the series, will be released on September 2, 2014.

When she isn't writing, Dianne loves all things creative. When her nose isn't buried in a book, she is very active in the independent film industry and once even appeared onscreen as a machete-wielding maniac not unlike the vampires she so loves to create in her novels.

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