FINDING GLORY by Sara Arden: Review

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FINDING GLORY by Sara Arden: ReviewFinding Glory by Sara Arden
Series: Home to Glory #3
Published by HQN Books
Publication Date: May 26th 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 384
Source: Publisher
Format: eARC
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Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely mine.

Once upon a time, he was just a hopeless cause from the wrong side of Glory, Kansas. And he’ll be damned if he’ll let anyone drag him back down after finally clawing his way out.

Everyone knows that Gina Townsend is a saint, always taking care of everyone around her. And now she’s trying to be a mother to her six-year-old niece, Amanda Jane. But the girl’s biological father isn’t helping matters. The scruffy, gangly boy Gina remembers has returned to Glory a sexy, successful man, but Reed Hollingsworth is the only thing standing between her and losing Amanda Jane to foster care.

Betrayed that neither Townsend sister bothered to tell him he was a father until he had money, Reed’s still not about to shirk his responsibilities. So when he demands Gina move in with him as part of Amanda Jane’s custody agreement, he tries not to notice pretty much everything about her—especially the way his solemn-faced daughter laughs when they play together.

Raising a child together, Reed and Gina learn that some dreams come and go, but some are a spark that burns eternal.



FINDING GLORY is a small-town story of two people who have overcome major challenges in their pasts coming together to create a family for a motherless child and finding love from that selflessness.

Growing up on the wrong side of Glory, Kansas, Gina Townsend saw the despair and hopelessness drive some of those closest to her to the edge but she was determined to get out and she did. However, her sister’s death brought her back to raise the daughter she left behind but struggling to raise her niece while working two jobs to make ends meet and trying to complete her college courses has become very difficult and she sues the father, local boy turned millionaire, Reed Hollingsworth for child support.

Reed Hollingsworth grew up on the wrong side of Glory alongside Gina and her sister and that life pushed him to find escape in drugs, something he had in common with Gina’s sister. Luckily for him, he clawed his way out and made his fortune in stocks. The child support suit is the first time he’s aware of his daughter and marriage of convenience may be the only solution to their problem.

Gina was in love with Reed when they were younger and while he’s now off limits, she will marry him to give her niece the life she never had- family, the comfort of involved parents, a roof over her head and lots of love. Easier said than done because together in close proximity, Reed and Gina can’t keep their feelings in check, but Ginass experiences have taught her that once an addict, always an addict and she fears that giving in to how she feels for Reed would end in her getting hurt.

While I enjoyed reading FINDING GLORY, there were a few situations that required me to suspend belief in reality. However, Ms. Arden is on point with the small town vibe with the festivals and carnivals, the nosy and matchmaking grandmas, the struggles both Gina and Reed faced as they adjusted to their changing relationship as parents and also as a couple and their efforts to make it work. She captures the distrust and doubts that are commonplace when dealing with an addict as well as the disquiet that comes with loving one ad it’s very obvious that loves is not always about hearts and roses. 

The pace is slow and the romance is more sensual than steamy. I didn’t really care for Gina, though. Gina was too much of a goody-two shoes, all that was missing was the halo and her indecision about what she wanted from Reed was quite annoying. Her redeeming feature was her devotion to her niece. Reed was sweet and earnest about making things work, including dealing with his past and its effect on everyone around him. Overall, FINDING GLORY was a sweet and enjoyable book to read.


About Sara Arden

Sara Arden lives in a town very much like Glory, Kansas-- right down to Haymarket Square and the Corner Pharmacy. She started reading romance at a young age and by the time she entered high school, aced world history without ever cracking her textbook because of all the historicals she'd read. Besides reading, Sara enjoys paleo cooking, the smell of old books, tea and pedicures.

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