GETTING LUCKY by Jennifer Seasons: Review

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GETTING LUCKY by Jennifer Seasons: ReviewGetting Lucky by Jennifer Seasons
Series: Fortune Colorado #1
Published by Avon Impulse
Publication Date: April 21st, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 384
Source: Publisher
Format: eARC
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Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely mine.

Welcome to Fortune, Colorado—where the air is clean, the men are rugged, and the all the good ones… are bachelors.

Born into the infamous Charlemagne equestrian empire, Shannon has been raised to do whatever it takes for the family business. Even if it means going undercover and digging up dirt on a competitor. It’s easy enough when she believes he’s a bad guy whose success seems too good to be true. In fact, Shannon’s excited to put the aggravatingly sexy Irishman in his place and get back in her father’s good graces. All she needs is to stay focused on the goal … and out of Sean Muldoon’s arms.

From stealing a thoroughbred racehorse from the Irish mob to striking gold in the mountains of Colorado, there’s little Sean hasn’t experienced. But when it comes to resisting his hot new stable manager, he’s out of luck. With the mob hot on his heels, keeping Shannon off their radar is all but impossible, and he’s not about to put her in danger too. Sean wants Shannon, but how can he offer her a future … when he can’t even guarantee tomorrow?





Shannon Charlemagne’s family is famous in equestrian circles, going back several generations and Shannon has been brought up to always put the business first, even if it requires her to go undercover to infiltrate a competitor’s business and dig up dirt to be used to discredit the competitor. Shannon is the obedient and amenable of the Charlemagne daughters, the people-pleaser and the pressure of her living up to her father’s demands has her constantly anxious and battling panic attacks, obviously not a good choice to practice the deception needed. To make the situation worse, one look at Sean Muldoon and she finds herself fighting a major attraction to him.

Sean Muldoon has had a colorful past. Growing up in the back alleys of Dublin, Sean fought his way out of poverty and boxing was his ticket. At least until he found himself on the hook with the Irish mob and fled to America with only the clothes on his back and a thoroughbred racehorse.

The Good: Getting Lucky was an enjoyable read and the high point for me was that Shannon discovered herself and became more assertive when she got away from her father’s influence. Her sister, Colleen was the star of the story in my opinion and I look forward to reading her story.

Sean was a cutie, easy-going and very protective of those he cared for. He was willing to walk away from Shannon for her own safety.

The characters were fun and likable and I enjoyed the friendships that grew between the girls and the guys along with the ribbing that went along with it; as well as the fact that, even though his friends knew Sean was hiding something, they were supportive of him and gave him the room to confide in them at his own time. 

The Not-So-Good: Getting Lucky has the plot line for a great book. With a story that combines romance and a mystery, a sexy Irishman living under a false name and danger from the mob, I had very high expectations for a fast-paced story with lots of action and drama. Sadly it fell a little short for me. I may be in the minority when I say that the story felt very rushed and the pace was choppy. The story did not flow smoothly from scene to scene but felt like the author was in a hurry to get to the conclusion. Also, the ending of the story was too easy and a bit unrealistic.

That said, Ms. Seasons introduced some characters that I am interested in following up on. Jake and Apple’s story shows promise that I hope it will deliver on. I also hope that Colleen will get a story of her own.




About Jennifer Seasons

Jennifer Seasons has been a lifelong writer and reader. She lives with her husband and four children in the mountains of rural New England. An enormous yet lovable dog and the world's coolest cat keep them company. When she's not writing, she loves spending time with her family outdoors exploring her beautiful new home state, learning the joys of organic gardening, and—if she's lucky—relaxing in her hammock under the trees with a really good book.

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