FALLING HARD by HelenKay Dimon: Review & Giveaway

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FALLING HARD by HelenKay Dimon: Review & Giveaway

FALLING HARD by HelenKay Dimon: Review & GiveawayFalling Hard by HelenKay Dimon
Series: Bad Boys Undercover #2
Published by Avon Books
Publication Date: May 26th, 2015
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 384
Source: Publisher
Format: eARC
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Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely mine.

After a grueling assignment with the black ops force known as the Alliance, Weston Brown is craving downtime. Instead, he’s pulled into his deadliest operation, in the one place he never wanted to see again. No-nonsense and so damn hot, Lexi Turner lied to get him to her mountain clinic in Pakistan. But the threat is terrifyingly real.

Lexi has been asking too many questions, drawing the wrong kind of attention. As soon as she lays eyes on West, she can tell he’s quiet—yet tough—and has a rescue complex which will come in handy for going up against the world’s most ruthless gunrunners.

Cut off from the rest of the Alliance, Lexi and West navigate the brutal terrain and a primal sexual attraction. Sticking around has never been West’s way, but now he’ll use every resource to keep Lexi by his side, safe from a killer who leaves no loose ends behind.




I absolutely enjoyed Playing Dirty and was waiting impatiently for Falling Hard, which does not disappoint at all. The action begins right from the first page and does.not.stop. Weston Brown is supposed to be taking some downtime after a grueling assignment , but he does not know what to do with himself when he’s got some free time and guess what? His ass volunteered for an assignment that lands him in the last place he wants to be: Pakistan. West had previously been in Pakistan on a covert assignment, one that cost him his entire team and put him through a hell that would have destroyed a lesser man.

The thing is, the assignment was supposed to be easy: get in, debrief an asset and get him on a plane to the US. Problem is, the asset is a ‘she’ that they were not prepared for and she is not willing to go quietly. Lexi Turner stumbled upon an illegal weapons ring while working in her dad’s clinic in the mountains of Pakistan and pretending to be him, contacts the intelligence agencies in the US, a move that sets in motion a deadly game with the masterminds, one of whom is already in the custody of Alliance.

Falling Hard is a non-stop roller-coaster ride that plays out over dangerous terrain, with so many different players, all of them looking out for their own interests and it’s hard to determine who the good and the bad guys really are. West has had some experiences in his past that really should have leveled him, but instead he became very detached in the way he carries out his job. In fact, he has gained notoriety as the team’s go-to guy for when the enemies need to be taken out, a machine that is not affected by having to rid the world of the bad guys. In reality, West has trained himself to shut down his emotions and operate like a robot to avoid the fallout from being emotionally overwhelmed and somehow Lexi is able to see through that facade to the man beneath and accept him for who and what he is.

Lexi is the most fearless and strong heroine I have read about in a long time, and that’s saying something. Right from the beginning, she made the Alliance team aware that she would not stand for being sheltered and would pull her weight.  The things that West has to do to keep them safe do not faze her and even when his fear of emotional entanglements threaten what they have, she still willingly puts herself out there and risks rejection over and over again.

I have been impressed with Ms. Dimon’s previous writings but with this series, she has cemented my love for her work and is an auto-buy for me.

I must say that Falling Hard is more of suspense than romance and only die hard fans of intrigue and danger would completely appreciate it. So, if you are one that loves the adrenaline rush that comes with the action that these covert operators find themselves in the middle of, then hang on for a thrill ride!



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Her nationally bestselling and award-winning books have been showcased in numerous venues and her books have twice been named "Red-Hot Reads" and excerpted in Cosmopolitan magazine. But the best part of the job is never having to wear pantyhose.

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