THE MUSIC OF TEMPTATION by Verity Jacobs: Excerpt, Review & Giveaway

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THE MUSIC OF TEMPTATION by Verity Jacobs: Excerpt, Review & Giveaway

THE MUSIC OF TEMPTATION by Verity Jacobs: Excerpt, Review & GiveawayThe Music of Temptation by Verity Jacobs
Published by Self-Published
Publication Date: March 27th, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 203
Source: Author
Format: eARC
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Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely mine.

Margot Duke can’t keep her long-distance relationship alive any more than she can the cells that are supposed to be taking center stage in her PhD thesis. Both seem to be suffering an inexplicably long and drawn-out death, and she’s spent more than enough time fretting about it, without any solution in sight.

It figures that the one day she chooses to pack it all in and stop caring is the day she meets Jonathan Young. 

Jonathan swings through town with his band, just long enough to knock Margot off her feet, and leave her feeling a little giddy in his wake. The encounter proves once and for all that her inter-continental love affair is over, but can she really stomach the idea of starting another one right on its heels? And with the darling of the indie rock world at that?


Excerpt two

I walked off the plane and instantly felt a little wave of regret that I hadn’t checked any luggage. Everything I needed was packed into my tiny carry-on, and while part of me couldn’t wait to run through the exit, another pretty significant part could have handled some time to regroup.

This was it. Three weeks of alternating between heavy-duty pining and pretending not to care, and now here I was, several minutes and a few short meters away from seeing him again.

I disappeared into the restroom to catch my breath and sneak a look at my reflection. Somehow I had miraculously avoided looking too haggard after a couple of hours in an airborne metal tube. Usually all that trapped atmosphere sucked the moisture right out of my skin and left me looking like something out of the Twilight Zone. And not the sexy vampire one.

But just now I looked almost passable — at least as good as I had in Bonn. I ran my fingers through my hair and retouched my lip gloss, blinking at my reflection and readying myself for the reunion.

“You can do this,” I told myself. “It’s just Jonathan.”

I shouldered my backpack and headed straight for the door.

And then.

Just like that.

There he was.

Our eyes locked from across the crowded room as I moved to close the space between us, and it felt like I was wading through molasses. But when I finally found myself close enough to touch him, time just fell away, along with everyone else in the room.

“Hi,” I said, reaching out for him and dropping my bag to slide a palm up his chest and around the back of his neck as his arms found their way around me.

“Mmm,” was all he managed before his lips were on mine, opening up to engage me in a hot, wet kiss that ticked every single last one of my boxes. I may as well have been floating; the whole world had disappeared.

He tasted salty and masculine, and my body responded to it immediately. I literally had to hold myself back from throwing him down right then and there in the middle of the arrivals lounge. Thankfully, he seemed to anticipate my intentions, breaking away from our kiss just in time to move me swiftly outside with a firm hand against the small of my back.

I squinted up at the southern sun and relaxed into his grip, enjoying the sensation of being swept along by him. He marched us right past the cab rank and stopped in front of a shiny black Vespa. I looked up at him with wide eyes, but he just flashed me a wicked grin and handed me a helmet.

Now I was glad I hadn’t checked any luggage. He wedged my bag into the box on the back and motioned for me to get on.


Its official: nerds are sexy and so much fun!

Margot Duke has been stuck in a long-distance relationship that is on life support, but has failed to pull the plug on it. Until a trip to watch a rock concert, where she meets the front man for the group, Jonathan. The instant explosive chemistry between them is what she has been missing in her other relationship and gives her the push needed to finally end things. Just coming out of a long-distance relationship, Margot is not willing to commit to another and decides to keep things casual between herself and Jonathan. As much as they ignore it, Margot and Jonathan find themselves falling for each other and as the band gains popularity, it soon becomes clear that the threat to their relationship is not the distance, but fame and what comes with it, especially the groupies.

Jonathan is charming, cute, talented and so dreamy and most of all, quite unaffected by the results of the band’s growing fame. Margot’s reservations about committing to a rocker with obsessed fans are understandable, but she has a great group of friends who support and encourage her through her bouts of self-doubt.

As with The Science of Attraction, the writing is amazing and Ms. Jacob’s wicked sense of humor is on display here. The dialogue is fun to read and the heat between Margot and Jonathan fairly leaped off the pages. Part of my enjoyment of Ms. Jacobs’s writing is because of how interesting she makes traveling across cities in Europe – Bonn, Brussels, Amsterdam, etc. Ms. Jacobs has created such great characters that it’s difficult to pick a favorite.

With THE MUSIC OF TEMPTATION, Ms. Jacobs proves that opposites really do attract and I look forward to reading more from her.


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About Verity Jacobs

Verity Jacobs is a reformed scientist, who left the lab when she fell in love with writing about love. She lives with her husband and baby girl in London, where she dreams by day and writes all night long.

She is addicted to the heart flutters and stomach flips of the fictional romance world.

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