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Blood-Assassin-Alexandra-Ivy I recently read the first book in this series, BORN IN BLOOD and absolutely loved it, so I was really excited about BLOOD ASSASSIN. Please read on and enjoy an exclusive excerpt and be sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to be one of two lucky winners of a print bundle of BORN IN BLOOD and BLOOD ASSASSIN. You can also check out other stops on the tour here.

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“It’s not really a good time,” Serra said, pulling the bottle of tequila from the glass-paned cabinet.

            Callie wrinkled her nose, moving to lean against the marble-topped counter. “I know, you’ve been leaking.”

            Serra clicked her tongue, pouring herself a shot. Because they’d grown up together they’d become connected on a psychic level. Which meant that Callie could sense the vibrations when Serra’s thoughts were slipping past her mental walls.

            “I told you not to call it that. You make it sound like I have bladder dysfunction.”

            Callie smiled, but it didn’t disguise her concern. “What’s going on?”

            Serra swallowed the tequila, savoring the fire as it slid down her throat. “Fane,” she at last admitted, knowing there was no point in trying to keep it a secret.

            By now all of Valhalla would have heard of her latest, embarrassing encounter with the aggravating Sentinel.

            Callie’s smile faded. “What’s he done?”

            “You haven’t heard?”


            Serra shrugged, pouring another shot. It doesn’t matter.”

            “He’s still being an ass?”

            Callie shook her head. “I don’t know what’s wrong with him.”

            “Join the crowd,” Serra muttered before heaving a sigh. “Maybe I’m just deluding myself.

            “About what?”

            “Maybe he truly doesn’t want me.”

            Callie gave a sharp shake of her head. “He wants you.”

            The tequila was spreading a warm glow through Serra. So why the hell was she shivering with cold?

            “How can you possibly know?”

            “I’ve seen how he stares at you when he thinks no one is watching. How he always waits until he knows you’re in the dining hall before he goes to dinner. How he takes twice as long to carve the figurines he creates for you.” Callie pushed away from the counter and crossed the short distance to gently remove the shot glass from Serra’s hand. “He wants you bad.”

            “Then why the hell won’t he do anything about it?” Serra snapped, fiercely holding back the tears. By God, she wasn’t going to cry over the bastard. Not one tear. “I’m tired of being treated like I carry the plague.”

            Callie set the glass on the countertop, biting her lower lop before she tentatively made the suggestion that Serra had been dreading.

            “Do you want me to talk to him?”

            “No.” She unconsciously pressed a hand to her heaving stomach. Fane had not only been connected to Callie on a spiritual level, he’d also indulged her every whim.

            God. The mere thought he would force himself to show an interest in her to please Callie…

            A low groan escaped her lips and Callie grabbed her hands to give them a gentle squeeze. “This can’t go on Serra.”

            Serra gave a sad smile. Callie was right.

            This was it.

            She’d tossed herself at Fane for the last time.

            She wasn’t wasting another day on something so stupid as unrequited love.

            “I know,” she admitted, a humorless smile twisting her lips.

            Easily sensing Serra’s sudden resolve, Callie regarded her with open concern.


            Serra tended to act on impulse. Especially when her feelings were hurt.

            “What are you going to do?”

            Serra shrugged. “What I should have done a long time ago.”

            “I’m afraid to ask.”

            “I’m going to find a man who isn’t afraid to love me.”

            It was a promise that Serra had made a dozen times before, but this time there was no mistaking the grim sincerity in her voice.

            Callie gave a slow nod. “If you need me – “

            “I know.” It was Serra’s turn to give her friend’s fingers a comforting squeeze. “I’ve always known.”

            “Good.” Callie took a step back, continuing to keep a worried gaze on Serra’ face. “Come to dinner tonight.”

            Serra forced a teasing smile to her lips. “And watch you make goo-goo eyes at Duncan? No thanks.”

            “Goo-goo eyes?”

            Serra gave a dramatic shudder. “It’s sickening.”

            “Okay, okay.” Callie gave a small chuckle, then her smile slowly faded. “Serra, I don’t want you to be alone.”

            “I won’t. At least not for long,” she swore, abruptly deciding she needed more than tequila to improve her dark mood. “I have a new pair of Fendi boots that are just dying to go out dancing. I intend to oblige them.”

            Callie hesitated, as if weighing her chances at insisting that Serra spend the evening in the protective custody of her and her new husband. If took only one glance at Serra’s stubborn expression for her to accept defeat.”

            “Arel’s here,” she instead murmured.

            Serra’s smile became genuine.

            Despite her pitiful love for a man who barely noticed her, Serra had occasionally sought out a partner who could ease her aching loneliness. Why not? It wasn’t as if. Fane gave a shit what she did.

            And Arel had been her favorite.

            The hunter Sentinel was not only a charming companion but he was a lover who understood exactly how to please a woman.

            “Yes, I saw him earlier,” Serra said, recalling her brief glimpse of Arel as she’d entered the gym. He was looking fine as ever. “This might be his lucky night.”

            “Good.” Callie brushed a quick kiss over Serra’s check before she was heading out the kitchen. “Just remember my door is always open.”



They are the outcasts of humanity. Blessed with power. Cursed by fate. Driven by passion. The Sentinels have returned…


 At six-foot-three and two-hundred-fifty pounds, Fane is a natural born guardian. A flawless mix of muscled perfection and steely precision, he has devoted years of his life to protecting a beautiful necromancer. But after she found love in the arms of another, Fane has been a warrior adrift. He swears allegiance only to the Sentinels. And no woman will ever rule his heart again…


Not only a powerful psychic, Serra is that rare telepath who can connect to minds through objects. When the daughter of a high-blood businessman is kidnapped, Serra agrees to help. But when she stumbles onto a conspiracy involving secrets sects and ancient relics, her life is in mortal danger—and Fane is her only hope. Is the warrior willing to risk his body, his soul, and his heart, for Serra? Or will one last betrayal destroy them both?


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About Alexandra Ivy

ALEXANDRA IVY graduated from Truman University with a degree in theatre before deciding she preferred to bring her characters to life on paper rather than stage.

She currently lives in Missouri with her extraordinarily patient husband and teenage sons.

To stay updated on Alexandra’s Guardian series or to chat with other readers, please visit her website.


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