2015 and Me

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Happy NY

First of all, Happy New Year, all! So, I have been blogging for all of about three months and it’s been quite the experience. I learned that there is a plethora of book reviews blogs out there, with varying opinions on the same books and that book reviews are a very huge deal. I found myself struggling a bit to find my voice and write how I felt about a book as opposed to writing what I thought would draw traffic. I wondered if anyone would be interested in what I had to say. I even contemplated giving up because I figured that one more book review blog in the abundance that already exist was not that much of a big deal, but I am not a quitter so I kept at it.

One day I came across a tweet that led me to an article about book reviews written by Claude Nougat (article link here) that was quite apropos and strengthened my resolve to write my thoughts, confident that those who enjoy my writing and/or my sense of humor would definitely be back for more.

One thing is certain: reviews are a very subjective thing and no two readers will have the same opinion on a book. As a reviewer, I doubt that I will even have the same view on similar story lines written by different authors. I have absolutely enjoyed writing my posts that came from the heart and I believe my readers have too, if the stats are to be believed.

My resolution for 2015 is this: I will do what I love best – read and enjoy books, and share my thoughts. Authors, I assure you that I will treat your work with respect even if I don’t like it. Readers, thank you coming back for more and I hope that you enjoy what I will bring to you this year. All, please feel free to share your thoughts on my writing in the comments even if you disagree with what I write. I wish you all the very best in 2015!






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2 responses to “2015 and Me

  1. I too am new to blogging and I can absolutely relate to what you’ve said here. I’ve been tempted to quit myself for many reasons not the least of which is I’m a tiny fish in a huge pond. It’s hard to feel heard sometimes and I often wonder if a blog is worth all of the work that goes into it. I’ve decided to give myself a year of blogging before making any decisions on whether or not to continue. Nice to know that someone else is going through the same type of thing though :).

  2. Thanks! I’m glad you liked my post. I think maintaining a blog worth is it if you have the right mindset and expectations going in. Build your audience slowly and surely and don’t expect everyone to like what you write or to get tons of hits immediately. It would take a while to get there.

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